The Meccano Monster 1200s Ducati : Stunning Quality and Satisfaction in A Box

Meccano Ducati Motorbike Kit

 My girls have their own Monster 1200s Ducati and I’m a teeny bit jealous! This super slick Mecano monster 1200s Ducati model is from Meccano Maker System kits range … and it is just stunning. For starters, as with all things Meccano, the build quality of the 292 pieces is excellent resulting in a wonderfully … Continue reading


The Dangerous Book For Grandads

Activities For Grandparents And Grandkids

The Dangerous Book For Grandads by Jeremy Hobson is a beautifully nostalgic book designed to encourage and inspire Grandads to get active and engage with their Grandchildren in true old fashioned hands on activities. It’s vintage imagery and scrapbook layout play out fond childhood memories for us oldies and for children they stimulate questions and conversation about what childhood used … Continue reading