Shoesday Tuesday 20th Dec 2011

These were a naughty indulgence by ‘Chloe’ a couple of winters back and I love them. Wedges are great way of introducing your feet back into heels.

These also look cool with skirts and cropped trousers where the collar detail comes into it’s own.

So what shoes have been hanging out with you (#ShoesdayTuesday)?

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2 Responses to Shoesday Tuesday 20th Dec 2011

  1. Oh emm gee. They are gorgeous.
    I can’t do heels any longer but wedges are just about do-able. If I had any, just one pair, of decent shoes I’d be joining in but sadly I am bereft of any footwear worthy of showing off :(

  2. rach_t says:

    love this shoes day tuesday.. i want to participate for sure! will take piccies soon and join in. Have now joined via GFC too so will then remember to join in! :)

    Ps almost forgot to say, those boots are amazing!! Lucky u! Wedges are my fav’s, style and comfort!!

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