Walkers Mighty Lights … Super Hero Food (review)

Being a Super Hero is hard work. You’re always on the go, saving people in trouble, stopping the bad guys and keeping secret things … secret!

With so many new super heroes trying to climb to the top of the Super Hero ladder it’s important to stay one step ahead of everyone.

Having a good outfit is essential but so is keeping fit and keeping up your energy levels. No energy makes for a very dull Super Hero. But even a Super Hero can get board with the snacks available.

Luckily Walkers have developed a new snack called ‘Walkers Mighty Lights’. A great tasty ridged crisp (and we’re talking c-r-u-n-c-h-y!) that has on average 30% less fat than standard crisps.

The crisps …
- contain no artificial colours or preservatives
- contain no MSG
- are a source of fibre
- are suitable for vegetarians
- are made of real potato

Feeding three Super Heroes can be tricky. Especially when they all like different flavours. Eldest will only eat plain or ready salted crisps (she wasn’t a fan of the last review we did for Walkers) where as RaRa & RoRo like most flavours.
So I’m glad that Walkers have stuck to some standard flavours, with the Mighty Lights being available in Cheese and Onion, Roast Chicken and  Lightly Salted. There’s something available for everyone to get their teeth and hands into.
Currently they are only available in multi packs of the same flavour but I’m hoping that they will do mixed flavour packs in the future.

Allergy information …  

At the time of writing this the cheese and onion and lightly salted don’t contain wheat/gluten as an added ingredients but the roast chicken flavour does contain wheat maltodextrin. The factory all the crisps are made in does handle wheat, barley and gluten. 

They also don’t contain any nuts or sesame seeds in the ingredients (and neither does the factory!). You can find more information about this and a contact number on their website

This gang of Super Heroes really enjoyed these crisp and actually prefered them to their thinner (often greasy) standard crisps. One of the main reasons they all said was that the flavour wasn’t as strong as other crisps they have tried.

The loud crunchy sound they make is a big hit … Super Hero Loud!

We were sent the snack to try for free along with a wee bit of remuneration. As always the images and non factual writing is my own.

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6 Responses to Walkers Mighty Lights … Super Hero Food (review)

  1. anna says:

    love your review and the super hero outfits!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Cool Super Dudes!!

  3. Hahaha….brilliant! Your girls are a fantastic laugh :D
    I want that climbing wall! How blinking cool is that!?! :D

  4. KARA says:

    Fab review, love the pics

  5. Your superheroes are wonderful!

  6. northernmum says:

    simply awesome review!

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