Talk Talks TV Tribes and Our Perfect Family TV Moment

How big a role does TV play in your families life? It’s an interesting question. TV is a firmly embedded part of our culture … some more than others!

So with that in mind Talk Talk have created a fun online quiz to find out just what kind of TV viewer you are, By questioning families up and down the country they have pulled together 8 rather cool sounding TV Tribes and I am part of The Elitist Tribe.

It’s not a bad summary. I don’t watch a great deal of TV but when I do it has to be something I’m interested and is often a documentary. I can’t sit down and watch TV just because it’s on. I have so many other things I’d rather do. The reality TV is generally true but I do love to watch The Voice, Strictly Come Dancing and X-factor.

My girls don’t watch that much TV either.They’re not allowed to watch it in the morning as it interferes with everything we have to do to get them to school on time. After school they’re often doing clubs but if we’re at home they spend the time playing together. Even our weekends are always busy doing things apart from Friday,Saturday Night and of course the Six Nations Rugby!

Six Nations Rugby is Mr Dad and the girls time. It’s noisy and mad which is why I think the girls like it!

Saturday night is evolving into a big night now that the girls are older and will often include Nana. It’s our reality TV night involving plenty of nibbles (TV Dinner as we like to call it) and either The Voice, Strictly and or X-Factor (see I said I liked them).

It’s magical listening to them talk about what they do and don’t like, who they want to win and who they don’t. It’s relaxed family time laughing, singing, eating, cheering and squealing together. A night for all generations to enjoy and talk about. We all get something out of it and we all put something in … even Mr Dad joins in.

So what TV Tribe do you belong to? Why not join in and see how true a match Talk Talk make you … it’s only a bit of fun which after all is what Family TV should be all about!

This is my entry into the Tots100 competition to win a TV package worth £600.
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  1. I can only assume my answers were very close to a few as the one it suggested for me wasn’t right at all. I think I belong in the same one as you as that describes my viewing very well.

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