Love Your Skin Again With Baie Botanique Rose Renew Skin Care

Skin care has become more and  important to me over recent years so I was more than happy when Baie Botanique offered to send me some of their Rose Renew Anti-Ageing skin care products to try out.

baie botanique rose renew anti-aging

As I’ve grown older (and by that I mean peri-menopausal upwards, I’m 48) my skin has started to dry out massively and I now taking a lot more interest in the skin care products I use, what’s in them and how often I use them. I want products that compliment and work with my skin, feed it and nourish it. Products that contain quality ingredients and that are cruelty free (Baie Botanique is cruelty free and vegan).

The Rose Renew skin care is based around three key ingredients – Organic Rose Water, Rose Absolute and Organic Rosehip Seed Oil.

These superstar base ingredients are then mixed carefully with other botanical ingredients to create a skin care range that hydrates, smoothes, revitalises, improves skin tone and most importantly helps to combat signs of ageing.

Baie Bontanique Rose Renew Regenerating

The Skin Care Range currently includes a Face Wash, Serum and Face Cream.

I’m always wary of introducing too many new products at the same time, especially as my skin is getting more sensitive in my old age.  So over a period of a week I started with the face wash, then introduced the serum and finally the face cream. I did have a break out of spots for a few days when I first used the serum but that settled down and I haven’t had another outbreak.

Baie Botanique Rose Renew Regenerating Face Wash (70% Organic)

The key active ingredients of the face wash are…

  • MSM
  • Vitamin C
  • Green Tea


The brand description claims a rose enriched cleansing and hydrating facial wash gel formulated to brighten and revitalise the skin leaving it softened and refreshed and yes it does exactly that.

I’ve always been a soap and water girl (with a bit of eye makeup remover chucked in) but many soaps leave my face feeling tight and stripped of everything (good and bad!).


The Rose Renew Regenerating Face Wash doesn’t do this. It’s nice and light, smells divine and leaves my skin feeling soft and radiant afterwards. The soap is on the runny side so there is a tendency to squeeze a little too much out into your hand in one go. Add a little water and it lathers into a lovely soft creamy soap on your hands and face that is easy to clean off with water and a flannel. Once rinsed off my skin felt soft and smooth with none of that tightening that I mentioned I get with standard soaps.

Baie Botanique Rose Renew Regenerating Serum (80% Organic)

This is my new best friend. I totally love everything about ‘Rose Renew Regenerating Serum’  and I’ll continue to use it as part of my daily skin care routine (I’ve also been recommending to all my friends and family). It comes in a pump action bottle with a lid (a couple of pumps is plenty to cover the whole face and neck). It smells beautiful feels quite light to the touch and absorb’s quickly,leaving your face feeling cool and refreshed… it feels a bit like something is evaporating (it could possibly be the witch hazel).

The key active ingredients of the serum are…

  • 15% Hyaluronic acid (plant based)
  • MSM
  • Glycolic Acid (AHA)

baie botanique rose renew anti-aging serum

The brand description claims that the serum will aid cell renewal and regeneration. Visibly tone, firm and restructures the skin, improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, carefully selected active botanicals leave the skin brighter, softer and with a healthy glowing radiance.

Baie Bontanique Rose Renew Regenerating Anti Ageing Serum

The Rose Renew Serum has really helped get my skin get back in shape. I have a much better tone to my skin. It’s softer, more moisturised and has reduced redness and age spots (this could also be linked with less sun). Normally I’d be applying tinted moisturise all over my face but since using the Rose Renew Serum I often only put foundation around my nose and leave the rest of my skin untouched save a bit of blush occasionally. It hasn’t got rid of my wrinkles (let’s be realistic I’m 48!) but it has definitely softened them because my skin is more hydrated and in good condition.

Baie Botanique Rose Renew Regenerating Face Cream (70% Organic)

This is my least favourite of the products. That doesn’t mean it’s bad by any means. I’m a bit sensitive to the feel of moisturiser creams on my face particularly anti-ageing ones. I’m just not keen on the skin tightening feeling you get after you’ve put them on. Anyway, this is another pump action bottle and a couple of pumps covers the face and neck fine. The cream is slightly yellow looking, thick and has a fainter rose smell than the serum and soap. It smooths onto the skin nicely and dries quite quickly with very little tackiness. I did find that sometimes I had a little balling of product when I put my foundation on but I haven’t found an anti-ageing cream that doesn’t do this (another reason why Im not so keen on anti-ageing creams). Having said that after a couple of weeks using the serum day and night I was using less foundation, so this stopped being a problem.

The key active ingredients of the Face cream are…

  • Glycolic Acid
  • Vitamin C (Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate)
  • MSM
  • Green Tea
  • peptides

baie botanique rose renew face cream

The brand descriptioin claims that the rose enriched anti-oxidant treatment face cream will plump, hydrate, firm and replenish the skin, protecting against free radicals and combating the signs of premature ageing.

Baie Bontanique Rose Renew Regenerating Face Cream

This is hard to comment on. It certainly tones and firms but unfortunately I really don’t like that feeling on my skin and so it stops me using it regularly especially if I’m going out and putting makeup on top of it. I will persevere with it as I think it compliments the other two products that I love.

If you don’t like the smell of rose and geranium then these products are definitely not going to be on your shopping list but if you’re a rose fan then I really recommend you try the products out. The Baie Botanique Rose Renew Serum (AmazonUK) has become one of my favourite beauty products and I have been telling everyone about it as I really feel it has improved the condition of my skin.  The Baie Botanique Regenerating Face Wash (AmazonUK) is also a product I will keep using again because of how it leaves my skin feeling. I’m sure the Regenerating Face Cream (AmazonUK) will grow on me!

I received all three Baie Botanique skin care products to review. I’ve used them for a little over 4 weeks before writing down my thoughts. All images are my own.


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27 Responses to Love Your Skin Again With Baie Botanique Rose Renew Skin Care

  1. Sarah bailey says:

    Oh wow what an amazing sounding range of products – I really need to think about getting my skin into a good routine and looking after it more myself.

  2. Nikki says:

    These sound like lovely products., i love the smell of rose!

  3. Joanna says:

    I love the look of these products especially the face wash.

  4. LaaLaa says:

    Sounds so good, I love rose hip oil and products with AHA & Hyaluronic acid in. Win – win for me xo

  5. Claire says:

    Sounds lovely – I like rose based products a lot!

  6. clarissa says:

    I really do need to try better with my facial regime, may help resolve my oily T-zone and dry cheek patches I currently have

  7. Lottie says:

    I’ve never heard of this brand but I definitely need to up my skincare game as I’m so lazy with it! I quite like the smell of Rose but not sure I’d want it all over my face

  8. Anosa says:

    Hyaluronic acid products are my favourite kind and I love such products. Though not heard of this brand I am absolutely loving them

  9. nicol says:

    i had read a review of these on another blog and reading that you’ve also had a positive experience with these products shows that they’re great!

  10. Not heard of this brand before but it sounds very good. I really like the smell of rose too

  11. Jemma says:

    I’ve never heard of this brand before, but it definitely looks like something that I would love to try out.

  12. Jemma says:

    I’ve never heard of this brand before, but it definitely looks like something that I would love to try out.

  13. Dannii says:

    I love the smell of rose, so I think I would love these. Adding to my Christmas list.

  14. emma white says:

    I have never come across this brand before but it looks and sounds amazing, something I really could do with myself

  15. The serum sounds great, shame you weren’t as keen on the cream. I definitely think skin care is something I’m really trying to concentrate more on x

  16. Sarah, Things Sarah Loves says:

    I had never heard of this brand before but I’m really intrigued by the serum.

  17. It sounds divine! Anything with Rose Water and Rose Absolute smells wonderful. Would love this in my stocking this year!

  18. It is brilliant that the serum has done wonders for your skin and made it more softer that is brilliant!

  19. Ooh these sound lovely, especially the serum. Rose is such a great ingredient because its really calming and soothing, perfect for the winter months! xxx

  20. I love rose scented products and this serum sounds really good.Pity that the cream was not what you expected.

  21. Elizabeth says:

    I’m not a beauty enthusiast, but this has to be the best beauty product review I’ve ever read! Well written and informative and thoroughly tested over a number of weeks. I am all too quickly (we’re talking days here) approaching my 40th birthday and my skin isn’t as youthful as it used to be. I am really considering starting to invest in products like these and your review has really swayed me. I’ll be looking for these products the next time I take a trip into town!

  22. Rachel says:

    Ive seen this brand popping up all over the place and the serum seems to be the star of the show x

  23. These products sounds amazing! I think they would be very heavy on my skin, as with all anti-aging (probably because I’m only 23) but I will definitely look for something else that are more suitable :)

  24. I have never heard of this brand before! I love the sound of a hydrating face wash, and the serum looks like it’s a gorgeous texture too!

  25. I’ve not tried anything from Baie Botanique before but the facial wash sounds lovely! x

  26. I love rose, so was halfway sold on the range before I even starting reading what you thought of the products! 😉 I find myself leaning towards richer formulations now that I’m *ahem* maturing like a fine wine, and a good serum is a must now. x

  27. Lubka Henry says:

    I’m a big fan of rose oil and beauty products made with it. This whole selection of goodies sounds pretty amazing and I’d love to try it too.

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