Meccano Motorcycles Moto 5in1 Review : Small Is Beautiful

As you may already know we adore Meccano in this house and couldn’t wait to review the Meccano Motorcycles Moto 5in1 Kit when it was sent to us.

Meccano Motorcycles 5in1 Construction Kit. Perfect for STEM educational development

The Meccano Motorcycles Motto 5in1 is a smaller model than the other kits we’ve been sent to review. It contains 174 pieces (includes the usual Spanner and screwdriver type tools). There are instructions to make 5 different styles of motorbike available to build; three are in the instruction manual and two other are available online.

We chose to make model three in the booklet.

Meccano Motorbike Kit 17202


The Meccano booklet, as always is very clear and easy to follow. The first page shows you all the different ways you can use and manipulate the two tools tat are includied. Then there is a contents page showing diagrams of the three bike styles in the book plus images of the other two bikes that you will find online.

It’s worth taking the time to organise the screws in this kit as there are quite a few and you don’t want to use them in the wrong place. We did notice that a couple of the to scale diagrams were slightly out of scale but because they are also numbered we were able to cross reference and use the correct one!

Meccano Motorbike Review
We built this over a couple of days, putting in a couple of hours each time.

Meccano Motorcycles Review Meccano Motorbike ReviewWith this particular model we found the trickiest area was putting in the seat as you need to manipulate the chassis a little to get one particular screw to slot into place.

Meccano Motorbike Review

Meccano Motorcycles Review

Meccano Motorbike Review

Then it was on to the wheels.

STEM For Girls

Meccano construction kit review
Meccano construction kit review

The final model will stand up on its own with careful tweaking of the kickstand that’s built into the model. We found that the back wheel didn’t turn freely when finished as it rubs up against two of the bolt ends on the wheel brace. You could remove these particular nuts and bolts but them then you create some vertical movement along the wheel axis. For us, the wheel movement isn’t a problem because the finished bike is more of an ornament than a toy.

As always this is a lovely solid well made construction kit by Meccano.

Meccano Motorcycles Review

The 5 different Meccano Motorcycles not only allow the kit to be reconstructed many times but they also give the kit extra depth and from an educational perspective.

Allowing a child to investigate 5 key shape designs when it comes to bike building provides an opportunity to talk about seat position, wheel axis, handlebar alignment, length of chassis for example. This can then feed into their own free play construction design.

Meccano Motorbike Review

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16 Responses to Meccano Motorcycles Moto 5in1 Review : Small Is Beautiful

  1. Miracle Max says:

    Fab job! As someone who is terrible at things like this I don’t even think I could manage 174 pieces! Jo x

  2. Sarah Bailey says:

    What an incredibly detailed scale motorcycle. This kit looks to provide so much fun and learning as well, I can imagine they are well loved x

  3. Crystal says:

    That looks like a super neat project to work on. The details on the mortocycle are incredible.

  4. This looks like great fun, my boys would love it! Looks quite tricky though – would pass to my husband!

  5. My hubby used to absolutely LOVE Meccano when he was little! I’ve never used it before! xxx

  6. That’s such a intricate model. I’ve never made meccano before but it looks like it would really hold onto a kids attention x

  7. This looks super fun! I absolutely love building Lego but had never heard of Meccano, I’ll have to keep an eye out for these in the shops

  8. Marie Barber says:

    I love building things, id forgot all about meccano this looks fantastic my little ones are a bit young for something like this but I’m not :)

  9. danasia fantastic says:

    This is awesome! What a great toy for getting young girls involved in STEM. I need to get this for my niece.

  10. Annie B says:

    This looks great fun – they really do keep you absorbed in them for hours!

  11. I do love mecca no, and can’t wait until my little one is old enough to enjoy building things too.

  12. fashionmommy says:

    Meccano is such a classic toy, and brilliant for helping to follow instructions which is such a life skill.

  13. Becca says:

    These look a lot more advanced to the Mecano I had when I was a child! lol x

  14. Emily Leary says:

    Meccano! That takes me back! Lovely to see your little one looking so engrossed with it.

  15. This sounds like a great kit and I like the fact that even a girl will enjoy playing with it.

  16. Lubka Henry says:

    This is such a cool kit and the final result is totally amazing!

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